Enrollments can be a complicated process and one of the primary barriers to getting paid. Independent medical practices and their billing partners will benefit from a streamlined and efficient enrollments process to remove barriers that block timely reimbursement.  

We’re here to help you manage this process by making it easy to compile information, submit your enrollments requests and provide a comprehensive dashboard that shows you the status of your enrollments with each payer. 

Get Paid Faster by Improving 
Your Enrollments Process



In this webinar, we discuss:
  • Steps to make the enrollments process as seamless as possible.
  • Understanding the important difference between Provider and EDI enrollments.
  • Review tools and resources within Kareo that make enrolling with your payers quick and easy.
  • How Kareo’s new product enhancements help you streamline and manage this cumbersome process and get you paid faster.
Whether you are a new office looking to implement best practices or an existing office looking to improve your enrollments process, having a simple and streamlined solution will save you time and reduce delays. 
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