Reporting for a full year in 2018—starting from Jan. 1—could earn you up to a 5% positive payment adjustment. The time to take action is now! And with Kareo’s new performance tracking dashboards, MIPS participation is easier than you think.

Webinar: 2018 MIPS Success 
With Kareo


Our webinar will cover how Kareo new dashboards and enhanced features simplify and support major aspects of MIPS participation:
  • Choosing MIPS performance measures
  • Improving patient care as you increase your MIPS score
  • Monitoring your MIPS performance progress throughout the year
  • Preparing the MIPS report that clinicians can submit to a CMS
There's no reason for any eligible clinician to be penalized with a negative adjustment in 2018. We’re committed to helping you efficiently deliver value-based care with Kareo Clinical EHR and getting you the maximum positive incentives available to your practice.
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